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At no point in the history of the world did schools close globally. COVID-19 has arrived, tested and found our education systems wanting.

Education as we knew before COVID-19 pandemic broke out will never remain the same. We begin a new norm without a reference. As the world charts a new path in designing, packaging and delivering education, it is no doubt that the inequalities that threaten sustainable development will exacerbate to unprecedented scale. Technology which has long been associated with revolutionising life may just be the last stoke to break the camel’s back.

In the global South particularly Africa where technology is still out of reach for many, and contextually relevant ICT learning solutions, it will be tumultuous.

In this blog, we will reflect on why schooling remains the existential threat to education. Our optimism stems from the reality that COVID-19 has allowed us to step back and re-evaluate whether we need to continue over-investing in schooling. This tension getting emboldened with an emerging parental agency in education away from schooling that alienated the parents.

We shall interrogate the foundations (philosophical, historical, sociological and comparative) that have dictated the design and delivery of education in developing economies.

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Published by Amos Kaburu

We are not liberated until education is liberated from the system!

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